Prevent Overheating With An Automatic Transmission Cooler Kit

We use only the best quality components which have been tested over a span of 25 years within the taxi industry

Any vehicle used for towing a trailer, boat or caravan is subjected to excessive load and heat.  An auto transmission cooler is a MUST for any vehicle being used for this purpose to extend its lifetime of use.

The team at Tech Automatics have been offering transmission cooler installation over three decades in the industry across Melbourne’s north. This experience has allowed us to complete an extensive range of testing over a wide range of vehicles from light passenger cars all the way through to four wheel drives. The one fault that was noticed across the range of vehicles we tested is the excessive amount of heat found inside the transmission. Excessive exposure to heat over a prolonged period of time will cause damage, and you may not even be aware that it is overheating.

We have also carried out testing on vehicles such as couriers and taxis which are on the road all day every day, and have proven that we can double the expected life of your transmission by keeping the oil cool!


Usually, an automatic transmission cooler kit is developed and tested in countries other than Australia, where they are exposed to ice, snow and heat. We have completed our research and development through the harsh Australian conditions and can guarantee that our cooler will maintain an optimum temperature to prevent damage without breaking the bank.

Don’t just fit any cooler to your car; see the team at Tech Automatics to make sure that you get a quality transmission cooler installation with the correct system for your application, using tested components that are guaranteed to be fitted correctly!

Over the past decade there has been a lot of improvements in technology, such as the introduction of 5 and 6 speed transmissions in both Aussie and foreign-made vehicles. This is fantastic for fuel economy and drivability, but another fact is that more gears means more moving components inside that can produce heat. The one and only downfall of this is the cooler kit is not sufficient to handle the added heat caused by extra components.

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