We can repair any automatic transmission and specialise in reconditions for most early and late model cars


Here are a selection of our services

FREE Automatic Transmission Check

We offer a free transmission scanning and vehicle test drive service.  We check your vehicle on a hoist for oil leaks or anything loose causing vibrations.  We then provide a free recommendation to let you know what’s wrong and what it might cost.  All quotes are at competitive rates and are obligation free.

Automatic Transmission Service

Is the light on your dash lighting up, do you hear unusual thumps or delays in between gears. Is your car jaulting and not respond to the accelerator? These signs could mean you transmission needs a service. We provide oil gasket and filter replacement. All quotes are at competitive rates and service in a quick turnaround time.

Automatic Transmission Repair

As cars age, transmission problems become more likely. Automatic transmissions can be very expensive to replace and you may not be abler to afford to buy a new one. Late model transmission replacements can cost more then the car. We repair rather then installing new transmissions to keep the price right for you. We can also identify problems before they happen to save you time and money.

Automatic Transmission Rebuild

Did you know that an automatic transmission rebuild is also referred to as a Transmission Overhaul or Automatic Transmission recondition? We are Melbourne’s best automatic transmission rebuilders and offer complete total transmission rebuilds. We rebuild clutches, gasket, seal and clutch kits. Please note solenoid (transmission computer)’s can be replaced only. Call for a competitive quote today. We offer fast turnaround times.

Transmission Oil Coolers Installation

Prevents water from entering the transmission saving you thousands of dollars in potential costs. Doubles the life of transmission and stops the water from entering the automatic components.

Automatic Transmission Oil Leaks

Do you see oil on the ground on the driveway? Bring your vehicle in and we’ll give you a free scan and quote. All quotes are at competitive rates and are obligation free.

Fastest turn around times in Melbourne Guaranteed

We always have in stock late model Holden, Ford and Toyota transmissions (rear wheel drive)